Architecture – A Brief Overview

Architecture can be thought of as a science or an art, based upon your way of thinking. Designing and arranging a home, a building or even a whole city is a serious business and architects need to study for several years to become properly qualified.

Various kinds of architecture are reflected through the history of the whole world. Architecture starts with a picture in a person’s mind or imagination, which is then translated into a physical arrangement that could have a combination of practical, useful and possibly some interesting elements also. From 1 bedroom houses and flats, to much bigger grander structures, each building is a type of architecture.

Styles of architecture are normally named with it’s own age, such as Baroque, Art Deco or Greco-Roman. Bauhaus, Victorian, and Colonial are examples of architectural eras. The various styles or eras of architecture differ in various ways. By the materials used, to the lines that the structures take. Designs and styles can vary from tasteful to brash and garish, and that’s what makes architecture such an intriguing subject.

Designs from yesteryear will be produced from natural substances, more than likely taken in the local area – substances which were in abundant supply at the moment. By way of instance, historic architecture in Greece is often created from limestone since that was abundant in the moment. You won’t find many architectural structures created from marble, largely because it was quite rare and heavy to transport. Because of this it was mainly used for decoration, and used sparingly at that.

To the contrary, early American homes were often made from wood as it was very inexpensive, being easily available and building was simple. Therefore the science or art of architecture is a subject which professional architects Orlando have researched and when you are trying to build, whether it is a small one bedroom house or your next luxury home, you can place your faith in their own professionalism and love of what they do with absolute confidence.

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